Resident at Law

In October 2011, Laird A. Lile, PLLC, launched its inaugural “Resident at Law” program. The 18-month program is designed to provide a transition from law school into practice, similar to a medical residency program. The Resident at Law program provides in-depth training in a trusts and estates law practice environment to prepare the Resident for the traditional practice of law.

Following an intensive application and interview process, the Resident’s responsibilities include:

  • Participating in substantive aspects of the practice of law at the firm
  • Learning the practical aspects of the business of a law firm
  • Joining, and being active in, local and state bar organizations
  • Preparing continuing legal education programs

The traditional “billable hour” requirement of a first-year associate has been eliminated in order to allow the Resident to be fully engaged in professional activities, including client projects and bar activities; however, the Resident is expected to dedicate the same working hours as a traditional first-year associate. Ultimately, the goal is to instruct and expose the Resident to areas of practice that a typical associate would not encounter until the third or fourth year of legal practice.


Residents Who Successfully Completed the Resident at Law Program at Laird A. Lile, PLLC

Patrick F. Mize, Esq.
Mize & Fincher, PLLC
Naples, Florida

Sydney A. Smith, Esq.
Kocher Law Firm
Boca Raton, Florida

Philip Fincher, Esq.
Mize & Fincher, PLLC
Naples, Florida

Caitlin M. Powell, Esq.
Johnson Pope
Clearwater, FloridaSave


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