Estate and Trust Administration

Representing Personal Representatives and Trustees

Admitting wills to probate and handling administration of estates is a primary component of the legal practice at Laird A. Lile, PLLC. Our experienced staff understands – and anticipates – the needs of personal representatives (historically referred to as executors), allowing us work both effectively and efficiently to represent your interests.

We are available to assist individual personal representatives in all aspects of the important tasks required under Florida law when administering an estate. We also provide advice related to the Federal tax issues facing personal representatives, offering recommendations and alternative courses of action that might be available.  We prepare estate tax returns and work with accountants in reviewing tax returns.

Our firm also represents trustees and provides advice regarding administration of trusts. We prepare accountings for trustees and advise trustees regarding transactions and interaction with trust beneficiaries and third parties.  In light of our extensive involvement in the development of Florida’s trust law, we are often able to identify opportunities that will assist a trustee in the discharge of its fiduciary responsibilities.

In addition to representation of trustees during post death administration of trusts, we also represent trustees and other fiduciaries regarding general administration issues.  We are available to provide counseling regarding the rights and responsibilities created by the governing documents and Florida law. Sometimes we are asked to assist a fiduciary in bringing an ongoing trust administration into compliance, and other times we are advising a newly appointed fiduciary.

Beneficiary Representation

We frequently represent beneficiaries of estates and trusts. We are available to assist beneficiaries in analyzing information provided by personal representatives and trustees. We also counsel beneficiaries regarding rights under wills and trust instruments, often successfully avoiding litigation when issues can be otherwise resolved through discussion and negotiation.



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