Probate and Trust Litigation

The complexities involved in the administration of estates and trusts sometimes cause disputes and disagreements.

Personal representatives and trustees may be challenged by beneficiaries who dispute or question the administration or the fiduciary’s interpretation of the governing documents. Likewise, beneficiaries may be harmed by the actions of personal representatives or trustees who may, intentionally or inadvertently, breach duties owed to beneficiaries.

We have worked extensively in representing both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in these disputed situations.  These representations often include consideration of tax ramifications of certain outcomes or potential settlement possibilities.

Expert Consultations

Laird A. Lile serves as an expert in disputed probate and trust matters, including several high-profile, multi-million-dollar cases. These engagements involve disputes that have progressed through the litigation labyrinth to the point where an expert witness will likely be needed. These engagements may involve assisting other professionals in understanding the impact of certain trusts or similar arrangements, such as during a divorce proceeding.

Mediation, Arbitration and Court Appointments

Laird A. Lile is available to serve as mediators, arbitrators or court-appointed fiduciaries in disputed probate and trust matters. He has served as a mediator – appointed by the court or selected by the parties – to help the parties resolve estate and trust controversies. The courts have also appointed Laird as an arbitrator, a special trustee or other fiduciary in estate and trust matters.


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